The Social Coding “Blockternship”

A distributed social hackathon….so what’s that mean 🤔

Well, when you have an open source project it’s in your best interest to allow people from all over the world to contribute, afterall that’s the meaning of open source, right?

So our idea was to host a hackathon, where anyone could contribute, collaborate and create projects directly into one organization and we would fund bounties and provide code review in real time.

Our goal with this invitingly open source initiative is to inspire and educate incoming developers!

The Run Down

Aragon, Swarm City, Status, Giveth and Colony together with Chain Shot as the educational resource and the support of the Ethereum Community Fund are forming an alliance to kick start aspiring developers through a 2 month distributed hackathon, our intention is to open up our communities by providing teaching sessions, education and bounties to anyone who wants to start #buidling on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Does My Project Apply?

We are pretty open minded when it comes to submissions, but there are a few requirements you’ll need to consider.

Must Haves

If you don’t know what to make or don’t have an idea where to start, head over to http://socialcoding.tk/ to check out projects that are currently under developement or have come to fruition through the Social Coding Circle.- Everything happens in the Giveth Social Coding Circle so please come join us there and start asking questions.

Here to Help

Whether you are new to blockchain development or a seasoned vet we want to provide support and learning during the process, so we have designated contact points inside each project for you to reach out to with questions.

How to get started

Team: Giveth Members Contact Relevancy
<img src=”https://d33wubrfki0l68.cloudfront.net/57fbd091e951dadc2e3aa064df2b75369c719eff/8bd1e/assets/giveth-dac-dark.png” width=150 align=”left” /> Deam, Quazia YalorMewn, GeleeRoyale Riot: @yalormewn:matrix.org, @GeleeRoyale:matrix.org General Support, GitHub Questions, Project Reccomendations

Reach Giveth: Riot General and Social Coding

Team: Aragon Members Contact Relevancy  
  <img src=”https://wiki.aragon.one/design/logo/png/imagetype_vertical@2x.png” width=150 align=”left” /> Luis Cuende, Jorge Izquierdo, Brett Sun, Tatu Kärki Aragon.chat @sohkai, @Tatu General Questions, EVM/Solidity & frontend


Reach Aragon: Aragon Chat

Team: Swarm City Members Contact Relevancy
<img src=”https://cdn.coinranking.com/HJiGDZA1f/swt.svg” width=150 align=”right” /> KikiPluche, KingFlurkel, Xardass Riot @kikipluche General Support, Project recommendations, decentralization, Product design


Reach Swarm City: Riot

Team: Status Members Contact Relevancy
<img src=”http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/cjdowner/cryptocurrency-flat/1024/Status-SNT-icon.png” width=120 align=”right” /> Iuri Matias Gitter @iurimatias General Support, DApp Development


Reach Status: Riot or Gitter

Team: Chainshot Members Contact Relevancy
<img src=”https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1009611297359425537/pQWoY8kA_400x400.jpg” width=120 align=”right” /> Dan Nolan, Cody McCabe Keybase: @beingdannolan, @codymccabe Educational Resources, Building Framework, Course Access

Reach Chainshot: Slack Channel

Jump on our Slack and ask us any questions you have in regards to building dapps! We’d be especially happy to see people beginning their dapp development by running through the ChainShot Escrow learning module and using it as the base for their project :)


Team: Colony Members Contact Relevancy
<img src=”https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JoinColony/colonyHackathon/master/docs/logo_primary.png” width=150 align=”right” /> gichiba, ryanchristo Riot @gichiba General Support, Project recommendations, ColonyJS support.


Reach Colony: Gitter, Social Coding Riot

The Swag Bag 💰

Key Dates 📆

July 15th

Open for submissions, arrange teams, review project proposals, define products/roles/etc.

August 7th

Submissions Closed, Buidl phase starts, contributors split into working groups, start building and forking over repositories into the blockternship repo.

Bonus session #1 (Dmitry Buterin: 2pm EDT/8pm CEST, Q & A: The Real Deal)

Bonus session #2 August 9th (11am EDT/5pm CEST ChainShot Live Teaching Session)

Aug 21st

(First code review, bounty assignment, feedback, open team call)

Bonus session #3

August 22nd (ChainShot: 11am EDT/5pm CEST, Live Teaching Session)

Bonus session #5

September 3rd (Matt Carano of Swarm City, open call: Building A Team Around Voluntary Interactions)

Sept 4th

(Second code review, bounty funding, feedback, open team call)

Bonus session #4

Sept 14th (Swarm City, open call: Philosophy of Episodes, How to Make Others Build Your Dream)

Sept 18th

(Third code review bounty funding, feedback, open team call)

Oct 2nd

(Fourth code review bounty funding, feedback, open team call)

October 9th

End buidl phase. Project entries must be complete and submitted for review. Teams judged and evaluated by panel of individuals from sponsorship organizations.

October - November

Winners announced and awarded prize ETH.